Labour MSP’s corrupt act to prevent a vote in parliament

David Cunningham, a parent who attends the Scottish Parliament Cross-Party Group on ASD.

Subject: Apologies I Tried My Best But New Labour’s Is To Strong and Ruthless

As the e-mail suggests I tried to get improvements for People With ASD by getting the desperate need for an Emergency Recovery Plan for Autism agreed in the minutes tonight but I have to say that new Labour’s cleverness and ruthless determination to continue the damage to People With ASD and their families hit an unprecedented low in the Scottish Parliament tonight.

Although I had the backing or written statements from:

  • Mr Beuchamp CEO NAS (see attached letter);
  • Mr Macdonald CEO Scottish Society for Autism;
  • Mr Welsh Chairman Action Against Autism;
  • Mrs Macvicar Renfrewshire Chairperson Autism and Aspergers Support Group;
  • Mrs Sinclair Autism Rights;
  • Mr Bostock, Ayshire Autism Group;
  • A significant number of MSP’s;
  • Bulk of attendees tonight.

Elaine Smith Labour MSP, to prevent the request for an Emergency Recovery Plan being voted in with an overwhelming majority, stated very clearly that she would implement the new rule recently introduced. That was she would get up and leave the CPG meeting thereby requiring immediate disbandenment of the meeting and the prevention of a vote. This is based on the fact that a minimum of 2 MSP’s must be in attendance.

I therefore apologise to all of you that I let down but in the presence of such a ruthless Labour Party who in the action tonight and in Peacock’s driving of the new Act for Learning have demonstrated there total inability to deliver for people with ASD. I would ask all who receive this e-mail to pass it on to all family and friends and let them know that New Labour are truly not worth voting for at the next Scottish Elections.

Indeed the new change in the Terms of Reference for the CPG for Autism Group has finally made me realise what most attendees have said for sometime that I am silly to get passionate about minutes. As a few parents and grandparents recently said the words are totally meaningless as the Lib-Lab Pact won’t allow anything significant to come out of the CPG for Autism meetings.

So I apologise to Shabnum and others who I in my desperate fight (thinking the words were important) to get issues raised now realise that none of the words matter, the CPG Meetings are truly toothless , useless talking shops. My visits will now be significantly reduced. What’s the point. Good news for some.


David Cunningham
1 Dec 2005



Autism Cymru – Racism in an "autism resolution to be sent to world bodies"

Autism Cymru was the administrator of the recent Awares Online Conference, planned to repeat annually. (NB Dec 5: William Lamar, who was alerted as missing during the conference, is safely home.)

Midway through it, Adam Feinstein circulated an

“autism resolution”,

counting AS as part of autism as these organisations always do, that was going to the European Parliament among other places.

The details that signers were asked for included “Country of origin”. I responded that spectrumites’ issues about sensitivity and metabolism…

…> raise compatibility with environment, that seriously proves it a
> biological crime against a person’s body to force the person into
> association with a different climatic environment than they identify
> Including when a bigot dictates which country he says a person belongs
> and takes pleasure in kicking in the teeth the person’s own expressed
> national identity. Common, and deeply wounding, bigotries, sometimes
> bullying but sometimes just simple-minded, are to take a person’s accent
> or surname or birthplace as a criterion that dictates arbitrarily their
> country. These bigotries are acts of genocide, nations with a history of
> dispersal like the Scots show how, and the spectrumite sensitivities thing
> proves the biological seriousness of the offence.

Hence proving:

that international law is
> obliged to criminalise all birthplace bigotry as an atrocity of ethnic
> persecution.
> So to back this petition – whose objective itself should help me get this
> message across! – I need to know that it is not trying to categorise
> people by the arbitrary location of either their birthplace or their
> childhood. In which case, what exactly is it trying to record by “country
> of origin”? and wouldn’t a signer’s present address be more relevant to a
> petition?
> thank you for your care.

On Oct 28 he answered:

> You raise a good point. Country of residence would have been better
> put.
> Please assume that was what I meant, and apologies for any
> misunderstanding.
> Please let me know if you are happy to be a signatory to the
> resolution.

Yet, when he circulated another email giving out post-conference certificates to the participants after it had ended (Nov 11), and he made another call for support for his resolution, “Country of origin” was still there. He had done nothing to alter it. He had not acted on taking the point. For that, I was obliged in conscience to withdraw from support already given!! Now you think about yours.

It is carelessness towards the public. Now, this is Autism Cymru, right? The national outfit in Wales. This was being done from


Indeed, the Awares conference had a picture of Cardiff on its entrance page.That itself is a place affected by the type of climatic unfairness I was telling him about! Cardiff lies near the head of a long narrow waterway, the Bristol Channel. Its strong tides, the second strongest in the world, and funnelling shape, cause saturated damp in the air, and on the mountainous Welsh side this works together with the rainy climate associated with mountains. In regions along long narrow waterways these effects often have a local trend to cause nasal irritation, catarrhal and cold-like symptoms. “Cardiff Nose”. This frustrates self-discovery by folks who have minority sensitivities against over-dressing, such as shortists.

Knowing about it, I asked Adam to get Autism Cymru to do local awareness raising on it in South Wales. Most importantly, before the present winter, in case there are any spectrumite shortists there who have not discovered themselves because of the local climate. When sensitivities are not catered to, it causes irritation and distraction and impairs performance – so our fellow spectrumites in the Cardiff Nose region, and others like it, the Thames Valley is another, have a biological right not to be left through another winter without awareness raising of this. Awareness raising which will also help the biologically serious civil rights struggle to uphold dress freedom throughout society including in employment and school.

He’s ignored it.

and finally, you will find this one wearily predictable.

Autism Cymru is hosting an International Autism Conference in Cardiff on 8-10 May 2006. Speakers include Jacqui Jackson.. Hence they have been asked to say they will comply with their duty to make participants know that there exist child authors whose chances were destroyed by the crime of abusive school homework, and it would be an act of child cruelty towards present cases not to do it.

The answer that they will do it is still awaited. There is a clear picture of abuse in not having it by now.

new scottish education act and changes of view on school compatibility

The Education Additional Support For Learning Act

(in Scotland) 2004, coming into effect Nov 2005, creates an entitlement for children passing through decisions on educational needs, to have their own views taken and consulted with. The expanded variety of needs that have come into recognition since the last act in 1980, and the harmful experiences of authoritarian education that preceded their recognition, compelled MSPs to accept this reform.

It means the children and parents, in order to express their views, are entitled for all experiential evidence on past failiures of school practice and their results, to be publicly known, or else they would suffer disability discrimination. There follows an automatic right to publish these things.

and meanwhile

“special needs education” is a label that some have always found objectionable, because it covers children of normal intelligence with social adjusting troubles and simultaneously covers learning disability. This kind of uncomfortable feeling lay behind the swing, around 1980, to seeking integration into ordinary schools, of children with behavioural or other coping problems, or curricular difficulties. the government report recommending this move was made under the chairmanship of Mary Warnock.

Now (still around in the Lords), she has said the application of this ideal has become too ideological and applied rigidly without thinking whether it fits each case. She hasn’t said the ideal was always misguided, but she has had a change of heart over it based on its results. On radio 4 “The Westminster Hour” Oct 2, she has called it cruelty to send a child with Asperger Syndrome to a large secondary school. It’s an incompatible environment to cope with.

Now that has been said, the effects of the cruelty on its past subjects has a claim to be dealt with in any way that they indicate affects their present lives. It also affects the sum of knowledge available for applying to present children. All politicians need to give their positions on how this shall be organised and the information centrally pooled for reference. the likes of Children In Scotland need to push them to.

a notice to every education authority in 2001

Sent on 2 July 2001 to all 212 education authorities in the UK as listed in Whitaker’s Almanack.

Concerning a parliamentary record on all dress codes and uniforms being A human rights violation in International Law.

This record is in the submission I was invited to make to the Scottish Parliament procedures committee’s enquiry into “Consultative Steering Group principles” and equal opportunities. Committee clerk Mr John Patterson appreciated the submission on June 26. Without prejudging at all the committee’s response to it, its existence presents all operators of schools with a responsibility to absorb its implications for equal opportunities and human rights.

parliament_300  “This is not confined to Scotland, it follows for every democracy that subscribes to international principles against discrimination and for minorities.

In the submission, I cited the link between skin sensitivity, metabolism, and body electricity to show that comfort identities are scientifically serious and not frivolous. Comfort identities are minorities who make unusual choices of costume. It follows they are entitled to the same recognition and equal opportunity status as all other categories of minority, and this is violated by uniforms or dress codes, hence these are invalidated.

It follows this applies equally to uniformities imposed by peer groups. Hence, until all experiential evidence on these comfort identities is published, it violates human rights to enforce school attendance at all for children who identify with costumes that peer group prejudice against exists.

This has also been communicated to the independent sector.

In duty to everyone who this question applies to.
Maurice Frank “